Monday, August 22, 2016

No, Voting Will Not End Racism

There has been this theme of evoking the ballot box as a remedy to racism. Voting for a liberal person will not change the make up of our racist society. They say that overt racists White people make up a fraction of the sum total of the Whit population. The fact is yes Trump gave  visibility to them to an extent, these fool really have been emboldened from the damn day that Barack Obama announced his candidacy in 2007 for President.

These factors have always been part of the American equation. So to suggest voting will fix issues of race and other societal problems without addressing and dismantling the systems of oppression and degradation is just psychotic to me. In reality, it is the activists, organizers, and other community members that do the work that is required to create change, NOT POLITICIANS. Yeah laws can be changed on every level, but who enforces it? And when will we realize that laws are a matter of interpretation?

"Black Lives Matter is not just about police brutality, it is an affirmation for those who look like me, who are black and brown. An affirmation that we matter to each other...It's not about going to white supremacists and telling them to accept and respect us. It's about us teaching ourselves that we matter to each other." - Ashton p. Woods

Interpretation is a dangerous thing, when the very power structure and system of pivilege are still intact after laws are reformed or repealed. People will still be bigots, haters, rapists and etc. We must be careful to note the truth, yes vote, but dont pretend that it will fix all of our societal flaws.

Stop lying to yourselves!

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