Monday, August 15, 2016

Liberation For Black Women Is A Demand, Not A Request - By: Fatima Mann

I'm jumping into a movement. I'm tired of being treated as a woman. As if I am not a man's equal. There would be no man without the woman. I am no longer subjecting myself to music, literature, and all other forms of media that make Black women out to be mere sex objects, baby mamas, angry, gold diggers, welfare queens, maids, and anything less than amazing flawed people just like men. I am over being seen as a mere woman, I am tired of having to work harder than Black men and all other men just because I'm a woman. Until women are seen as equals and not as inferiors, don't ask me to support you or your cause if you don't believe that Black women need liberation.

"For me, it's being able to change the mindset and that we are people first and not our skin complexion...We are people first and not our sexuality. We are people first and not our religion. We are people first. Unfortunately, just because we look a certain way, we are not deemed to be people first. That's a problem."

I'm asking that Black women take a stand, against the inequalities and disrespect we face every day. Let's make the world respect us. Let's pledge to stop supporting those who don't support us. We have aided everyone in liberation and it's time women become equals instead of just women. Stand with Us brothers. Show us you love us as we love you. Make it be known that it's not a man's world it's our world. Because We are all equals. We both have something to offer the world. Let's work together to do that.

"We do this for Yvette Smith
We do this for Sophia King
We do this for Samantha Dean
We do this for Rachel Jackson
We do this for their mothers
We do this for our sisters
We do this for each other
We do this until we free ourselves
We do this until black women matter"

I'm a woman hear me roar, "I'm tired of supporting everyone and their causes and not getting the same respect." So Black women I love you. I love all that are and most endure just to be seen as a person. Whether cisgender, gender nonconforming or transgender I appreciate all that You are. Thank you for being the backbone of society. Thank you for putting everyone else before yourself. You're amazing and beautiful.

- Fatima

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