Monday, February 23, 2015

"Get Out of My Way Nigger" - LUEY Weekend - UPDATED

Update: 3/19/15:

On Wednesday 3/18 this was posted all over Facebook:

I was told after writing my original piece below that I was trippin by some folks and that it was an isolated incident. I CALL BULLSHIT...REGARDLESS OF YOUR RACE STEP FORWARD AND BOYCOTT TONY'S CORNER POCKET!


Friday (2/20)I went out to this bar/club named Tony's Corner Pocket just outside of downtown Houston, and it just so happened to be LUEY Weekend. Now generally I go into places like this fully aware that they are predominately White with a few Blacks here and there, and fully expect micro -aggressions to transpire. Well, not a full ten minutes in, after getting drinks with a friend, we decide to walk outside only to be encountered with "Get out of my way nigger" being shouted at one of us. Now, this speaks to a lot of THE overt and ambiguous racism from Whites towards Blacks and other People of Color. While it takes a lot to shock me, it did catch me off guard and what made it even more hideous is that the person who said it tried to hide...


This is the reason why the LGBT community is so divided along racial lines and hurts, I have many friends that I care about that span the racial gamut and its people like this person and establishments like this that allow situations that are damaging to our community to transpire. YES, there are knuckle heads everywhere, but when one can FREELY let something so vile roll off of his tongue in an establishment like this, there is a clear history of this occurring and condoned on a regular basis.

When will we stop hating each other?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February So Far - Where Have I Been Hiding?

Today is Sunday, February 22nd and so much has happened in that time:

1.) My friends were featured in Outsmart Magazine for Black History Month & I would like to send a big shout out to:

Dee Dee Watters
Jacques Bourgeois
Michael Webb
Fran Watson
Tye West
Freedom Gulley
Synthia Walton
Jeffery Campbell

For more info click here.

2.)I started my tenure as an intern for the 18th Congressional District of Texas

It is an honor to be working for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson - Lee to change the lives of Houstonians for the better!

3.) #CC15 Creating Change - Denver

Check out this rainbow dress #CC15 — with Shaily Hakimian.
I attended CC15 from Thursday to Sunday, there were numerous sessions that shed light on a lot of issues that are being ignored in many areas of this country. New friends, old connections and organizations made for some very interesting networking opportunities. Honestly to fully understand the synergy that was CC15, you had to be there.

CC15 Shirt
Ran into Bill Bellamy

4.) The Intersectional Justice Rally

Upon my return to Houston I had an event called the Intersectional Justice Rally which went really well! We addressed the wholesale erasure of WOMEN and the LGBT community in general and as it pertains to social justice movements. The planning of this event did encounter some controversy as I was questioned about my motives by folks who thought I was being a vindictive  person and garnered this response from 1/29/15:

"Heads up, I have gotten many questions about why the Intersectional Justice Rally on 2/10 @7pm is on the same date and around the same time as the State of Black Houston in 2015 event. The HONEST ANSWER is that I did not know about the event which is illustrative of many People of Color, BLACK LGBT people not knowing about anything regarding these events because we are not visible to them.
SO, NO I will not cancel my event to attend some forum that will no doubt not address the intersectionality of my being BLACK & GAY LET ALONE ALL OF THE DEATHS OF TRANS MEN AND WOMEN. See you tuesday at Hermann Park in the picnic area by the Miller Outdoor Theater."
Keep in mind that this statement was based on EXPERIENCE AND OBSERVATION, so the night of the event we had an attendee and good friend who happens to be Transgender that went to the State of Black Houston event, she came to us and explained that she was misgendered, we will get to that part later. As outlined by my post on Facebook and further discussed big sister Monica Roberts on her blog Transgriot post, I was right in my prediction about our erasure:
"In case you haven't gotten the memo, the Houston Black community also includes SGL, trans, lesbian, bisexual and gay members of it, and we're tired of being erased from the overall Houston African-American community narrative."
About the misgendering of my good friend, she stated that when she arrived to the #SOBH15 event, the greeter referred to her as "sir" and when she corrected the greeter he continued to misgender her. That coupled with many other issues expressed about that event proved my inferences and mindset to be correct.

5.) The Fight For Marriage Equality

"The event took a three-pronged approach to raising awareness that “love is love” on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. First, several couples symbolically applied and were denied marriage licenses at the Harris County Clerk’s office.
From there, the crowd took their signs and their gumption to the streets in a mile-long march to Houston City Hall. That’s where a final leg in the equality tour rallied the crowd with interfaith leaders, including Rob Hall of the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of Texas and Houston Pride Grand Marshal nominee Augie Augustine."
Well thats what this month has looked like so far...Im sure there was more to post but, so little time!