Monday, August 15, 2016

Chas Moore's Open Letter To Gabby Douglas

It saddens me to a point of anger to hear how much the negative social media posts have hurt you and your mother. Instead of people focusing the things you've accomplished, your work ethic, your determination, discipline, and skills set; people would rather judge you for things that have nothing, at all, to do with your mission and purpose of why you're in Rio in the first place. It angers me even more that people from the country that you're representing are the main ones putting out all of these harmful and negative things about you, a proven USA Gold medal Olympian. Besides joining the military, there is nothing more patriotic than representing your country in the Olympics and getting a medal, let alone gold. Each and every person that has criticized you should be immensely ashamed of themselves.

However mean and hurtful the things you read on social may be, I just want to encourage you to keep your head up and keep giving US, the ones that are proud of you and appreciate you, that classic "Gabby Smile". You're an amazing young woman and you inspire and touch way more than the people than you ever realize. Don't let Internet trolls and people who never dared to chase their dreams take your smile nor joy away from you. And trust me, you have more support than you could ever imagine. The amount of people that love and adore you compared to the haters is like sizing up Texas to Rhode Island. No comparison. Continue to focus on the friends, family, and fans that will forever be ‪#‎TeamGabby‬.

Lastly, you are a proven champion with a heart of gold. This is only a moment. A character building moment. You've overcome and will overcome far greater things than hurt people that have nothing else better to do than try and tear other people down to their level on misery. You're a beautiful woman. You're beautiful Black woman that has already inspired so many people at the young age of 20 and will continue to inspire millions more in your lifetime. Just as you have in your Olympic career, I know you will continue to soar above and beyond these trying times. Cheers to you.



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