Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dear Gay Men of Color: Stop Begging Racist White Gay Men to love you.

A fellow blogger and friend was banned for THIRTY days on Facebook for sharing a PRO BLACK blog post that he published in March. I have been banned multiple times for the same reasons and WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

Dear Gay Men of Color: Stop Begging Racist White Gay Men to love you

By: Prince Royce Worthington

Adapted from: The Magical Beautiful Petty Black Prince

If I read another rambling think piece or watch another whiny YouTube video about some dejected and rejected Black Gay Man (or any other ethnicity of gay man for that matter) waxing poetic about how racist it is for White Gay Men to rebuke them based solely on race I am going to smash my head through a wall, seriously…

What is wrong with you people?

Are you that enamored by the white gaze and white supremacy that you will willingly subject yourselves to overt racism and constant microaggressions in order to be accepted by men who literally view you as a sexual fetish and nothing more?

Before I go into it please watch this video of an Asian Man (and a good looking fella at that) pleading with his “friends”–that he clearly wants to be more than just friends with–to stop being racist towards him and other Asian Gays…

Chile, I barely got through it. And if you search for them you will find a glut of these videos with men of color imploring their white counterparts to stop being racist towards them…

“White men, please stop objectifying me for my dick. I am a Black Man I am more than a dick.”


“Dear White Men: Not all Asian Men are (insert every single Anti Asian sentiment that you’ve ever heard or seen in the gay community. Trust me there are a plethora of them)…

Or the most popular, which is clearly pandering, “Dear White Gay Men: Please stop basing your preferences on race.”

I’m sorry but I really don’t understand this foolishness. Perhaps it is because I’ve never willingly subjected myself to this. 99% of the men that I’ve dated (and still date) are Black Men (specifically other African Americans. Although I’ve dated a few dudes from abroad too). Overwhelmingly, that is what I am most attracted to and I’ve no shame in that. Granted, I’ve dated a couple of white men here and there but I wasn’t completely into the few I’ve dated so it fizzled. Primarily because, without fail, they would say and do certain things that were TOTALLY racist, and they had no clue until I came right out and told them, “Hey, that was fucked up.” So, to that end I refuse to put myself in that type of situation nor am I going to act as a race relations professor in a relationship. I want to experience: love, joy, sex, and romance in a relationship, not blocking microaggressions that will inevitably occur. Again, I am open to the possibility of interracial romance (especially if it is Chris Hemsworth. Uhm YUMMY); however, the white guy in question will have to be a super special snowflake amongst the intensely RACIST microcosm that is the Gay “Community.”

Many  gays seem to labor under this mass delusion that simply because they know what it is like to be excluded from hetero-normalcy that somehow they GET IT. They believe that they “get” what racism is, how it works, and that it can’t possibly ever be them. Most white people, gays in specific, believe that being a racist means dressing up in a Klan outfit, burning crosses, and saying “NIGGER” in front of a black person. Otherwise, it was just this horrible occurrence that was abolished when Lincoln freed the slaves and MLK said, “I have a dream.”

However, what we fail to understand is that, before we are gay, we come from the same White Supremacist pathology that saturates the united states of America (the globe for that matter, but for the sake of this writing I am using America for specificity). White Gay Men are still, first and foremost, White Men in a society that privileges Whiteness and Maleness, period. They grow up in the same culture that prioritizes whiteness and degenerates blackness. They grow up in the same racist communities that their heterosexual counterparts do. They have that same racist white uncle who makes anti Black/Asian/Mexican jokes at holiday dinners. Before anyone knows that they are gay they are first and foremost white, and by proxy, whiteness is central to their identity…

Which is why I do not understand you Black and Asian men, with your GRINDR accounts, looking to hook up with White Men (because in certain regions GRINDR is totally white) and being disgruntled when you see, “No Blacks, No Asians, No Fats, No Fems…Just a preference” on every other profile. What do you expect? The gay world prioritizes White Frat boys with blond hair and chiseled abs. You don’t fit into that all. Instead most of them see you as a fetish or potential flavor of the month. When they want to indulge their “Kink” more often than not you are the kink. But hey if you are one of those Negroes that enjoys being fetishized by white gay men then more power to you, nobody is stopping you. But be honest with yourself and stop placing this onus on racist white men.

Racist white men are going to do them (literally and figuratively). Racism, sexism, and all of the other isms do not impact them. They live in their little bubble where the only thing they’ve had to overcome is homophobia. So when that is no longer an issue why do you think that, all of a sudden, those who are raised in a macro-system that prioritizes them and denigrates YOU, they are going to give you their unrelenting support, including their asses, dicks, and hearts? No, that is not how racism and privilege work boo!

What I implore Black (the entire diaspora), Asian, Non White Latinos, and various others to do is to begin unpacking their own baggage. Why is it so important for you to acquire the affections and attentions of white men? Granted, this is a rhetorical question (we are all mired down in white supremacist pathology) but why don’t you stop to think about where it all comes from.

What would make you sit in a room full of white men and listen to, “Not to be racist but…” (and everything that follows will be vehemently racist) Why would you want to be viewed as just your Big Black Cock and how you fuck or your stereotypical ability to be the submissive Asian bottom? Moreover, why do you willingly and continuously reject beautiful men that look like you and have more in common with you just to acquire the white gaze.

If you say that, “It is just a preference” you are a damn liar. Preferences are acquired. They don’t happen in a vacuum. Preferences are like ice cream. I may PREFER vanilla but occasionally I am willing to try Strawberry and find that I like it too. Preferences can and do change and the idea that someone can be born and raised in a Black and or Asian community and suddenly grow up to ONLY “prefer” people who do not look like them as lovers and partners is indicative of a larger issue.

So before you write the next maudlin think piece about why racist white men don’t want you (easy, it’s because they’re are racist) ask yourself why you don’t want yourself. That is the most important inqueery (misspelling intentional. I just thought that was cute).


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dear Houston City Council Member Dwight Boykins

Dear Houston City Council Member Dwight Boykins,

I saw you write a post on Facebook that made my blood boil just like the other times you did some disappointing shit. Here is what you said:

"Last night I had the opportunity to ride along with the Houston Police Department’s Southeast Station on their night shift from 10PM to 6AM. I did this to not only have a viewpoint of being a constituent within District D but also that of our law enforcement. My number one concern will always be the safety of my constituents but we also have to be sure to that we aren’t attacking law enforcement and it won’t be tolerated. This ride along gave me the opportunity to see first-hand what residents have to experience when approached by HPD and the relationship that they have with the community. I am also always looking for ways to improve safety by bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement, providing better lighting in dark areas, provide sidewalks so residents don’t have to walk in the street, and make sure that City Departments are aware of the everyday concerns of my constituents. I would like to thank Cpt. Deese and his team for taking me on their night shift and I look forward to continuing moving District D forward. Be on the lookout for more information from ABC 13."

I have a major issue with how you have stepped out on a limb to protect law enforcement, the Houston Police Department in this post after you shared concerns about the same police dept. last year. I am sure that you remember the murder of Alva Braziel at the height of a very bloody week. You told ABC-13 that "The biggest gorilla in the room is very clear. We need to put officers in neighborhoods that reflect the neighborhood." It is clear you came to the conclusion that white law enforcement officers are not healthy for your district, a majority BLACK district. But somehow your overnight ride along instantly changed your heart. Or is it that you tailor your statements for that moment in time, to maximize the optics that you somehow really care about your constituents?

You said that you "did this to not only have a viewpoint of being a constituent within District D but also that of our law enforcement." Did Ray Hunt get to you? Fuck the police, they volunteered for this job, it aint noble nor is it worthy of the halo you and many delusional folks give it. You were elected by the people of District D, so the idea that you have the audacity to say that your "number one concern will always be the safety of my constituents but we also have to be sure to that we aren’t attacking law enforcement and it won’t be tolerated." Who made you god (I am an Atheist, its lowercase on purpose) and GAVE you the right to deem what will and won't be tolerated? Law enforcement in Houston needs to be rudely awakened to the fact that they, like you, are accountable to us. They have been abusive and have hidden their wrong doings for years, decades and you expect us to change our hearts and mind because YOU will not tolerate what is a legal right of EVERY citizen? How exactly are we attacking the police? We demand justice Mr. Boykins, we are not asking and begging for it. FUCK THE POLICE.

Answer this for me, how exactly did "This ride along gave" you "the opportunity to see first-hand what residents have to experience when approached by HPD and the relationship that they have with the community." You were elected three times with the LIVED EXPERIENCE of a Black man, in a majority Black district. You are in fact Black, aren't you? you have had five years to hear from your voters about their experiences with the police and instead you go this route. The police does not have a good relationship with us, you are toeing the line for Mayor Turner's effort to give houston the image of being a welcoming city. Well guess what? We see you, I see you and I dont like what you are doing here. This is grounds to start a petition to trigger a recall on your ass. You have to be out of touch to think that "...providing better lighting in dark areas, provide sidewalks so residents don’t have to walk in the street, and make sure that City Departments are aware of the everyday concerns of my constituents," will be accomplished "by bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement."

You had YEARS to improve safety, provide better lighting in dark areas and provide sidewalks, among other things for residents of your district. I recall you being more concerned about being anti Trans and making accusations of there being an LGBT agenda, when those people you attacked showed you that they lived in your district and were Black. According to the Houston Press you never mentions sidewalk and lighting, you were discriminating:

Moving on, it seems that you are really only concerned about the prettier side of District D, where the museums and Hermann Park are. You only seem to care about safety when it comes to your white constituents and their discomfort with the homeless community. A community currently under attack by you and the rest of your elected buddies in the horseshoe at city hall. Remember that 90% of Houston's homeless is Black and you had this to say about people who only wish to get help?

It scares me that individuals walking around needing mental health counseling can approach my wife,” Boykins said.

So in crowded room with people anxious to hear solutions, Boykins and police brass told neighbors change will come by the end of the week." - KHOU

You have stood with white and conservatives more that those in your own district, and now you are fighting for cops instead of helping to get justice for Alva Braziel, and everyone else who lives in your district. Why aren't you talking to the County Commissioners Court, TXDOT and other entities that can help build infrastructure in your district? That's how you get sidewalks and better lighting, but it damn sure aint gonna improve the relationship of police and the Black community. Do your job instead of serving those special interests you contribute, after all you gave them money, so why aren't you using them to benefit your community? Let me remind you:

Going Back to 2004 you have donated to conservatives that have hurt the Black community, people with verifiable history of being anti Black racists, anti women, anti LGBT and now here you sit as a city council member doing their bidding. I sincerely hope not, but it looks that way. The time has come for you to do your job, and do it right for your voters. Tell your police friends and other interests that have your ear to sit in the back or we will make your life hell. Ride along with that.


Ashton P. Woods
Black Lives Matter: Houston