Friday, June 10, 2016

The Campaign For Hate

I along with several others warned that the fight for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance was bigger than Houston. We debated about why Trans folks deserve rights, basic rights to humanity being denied by bigotry. I Chronicled the almost two year saga (HERE & HERE) right here on this blog, and apparently it isn't over. For a quick refresher, I introduced the main group behind the coalition of bigotry that fought against SGL, LGBT, and especially Trans rights. That group is/was called the Campaign For Houston PAC and they had a lot to say (pictured to the right).

Over the last 36 hours the Campaign For Houston has morphed into a larger hate group. With the backing of Steven Hotze and organization Conservative Republicans of Texas that he heads, we now have the The Campaign for USA to contend with. They have purchased a 2 million dollar ad buy using the infamous commercial they released leading up to The 2015 ballot referendum to repeal HERO. The commercial is now being used against Target in response to an announcement this Spring that they would allow trans people to use restrooms and dressing rooms according to their gender identity in its stores.

The Campaign for USA website makes all kinds of erroneous assertions about bathrooms, about Transpersons, and asserts that "Just because a man feels like and thinks he is a women, does not make him a woman, any more than thinking he is a dog, would make him a dog..." Below is a PDF of the full website just in case you don't want that nasty little URL in your internet history.

They have made a plea:

"The Campaign for USA is made up of concerned citizens who say “NO MEN IN WOMEN’S BATHROOMS.” We are parents, grandparents and family members who do not want our daughters, granddaughters, sisters or mothers forced to share bathrooms in public facilities with perverted men, who claim to be women. We oppose the LGBT political movement’s goal to pervert our society and our children. 

What are we asking you to do? Help send a message to the executives at Target and to all the big corporations who have caved in to the LGBT political movement’s demands. Click here to sign our petition, agreeing to boycott Target stores all across America until Target reverses this dangerous policy. Since a nation­wide boycott was announced on April 19, 2016, Target’s stock price has dropped over 20% and the market value of Target has decreased over $11 billion. The only thing businesses understand is their pocket book. Let’s continue to send the message, “NO MEN IN WOMEN’S BATHROOMS,” by boycotting Target stores."

Here is the petition:

"The whole concept of “transgender” of course is absurd and irrational. Those who practice this behavior or enable it have adopted perverted thinking. Men do not belong in women’s bathrooms or dressing rooms. This is a dangerous policy that attracts sexual predators, 96% of whom are males, and places girls and women in harm’s way..."

The press release:

"The goal of the LGBT is to destroy all Biblical moral absolutes and create sexual anarchy in society. The LGBT political movement wants it mandated that this wicked lifestyle be taught to children in school, starting in Kindergarten, and that children be encouraged to experiment with homosexual and transvestite behavior. The goal is to break down the children’s consciences, so that they can more easily be recruited into the homosexual lifestyle."

As late as yesterday local Houston ABC affiliate KTRK/ABC13 reported that starting on Monday, June 13 that:

" may notice some familiar ads running on TV. 

A local conservative group, Campaign For USA, has tweaked a controversial commercial that ran a year ago during the contentious Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) battle. The black and white ad features a little girl walking into a bathroom stall and implies that she's being followed.

This commercial begins with a narrator's voice: "Target has a new bathroom policy. What does it mean to you?"

The group behind the ad believes the ad worked to defeat HERO can work again.

"We're not going to let this go. We're going to continue to fight this battle until Target changes their policy or goes out of business," said Jared Woodfill, president of Campaign for USA.

The spot will run across all of Texas for three months. Expect to also see the campaign making a push on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. There's an online petition circulating to join the boycott as well.

The whole effort will cost $2 million dollars.

"It makes me feel uncomfortable in my city," said Jenifer Pool.

Pool does not want to see the ad return. As a transgender woman, she's felt that bull's eye on her back for 20 years.

"I guess my question is, if they are going to boycott Target, what about Exxon? What about the other major corporations that make up our city?" Pool said.

"Target is the one who has gotten all the attention right now," Woodfill said.

Woodfill says his group plans to take on more organizations in the future.

Target has not yet responded to a request for comment."

For their complete story on the matter, CLICK HERE...

"Men who dress up like women and want to use women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms are sexual deviants and perverts. The LGBT homosexual political movement wants to force society, under the penalty of law, to accept, affirm as normal, and celebrate the perverted homosexual lifestyle and the deviant behavior of men who claim to be women..."

In all that we do, we must fight against hate and bigotry like this. We must never let our guard down! 

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.” 
― Assata Shakur

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