Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Help Me Get To The Democratic National Convention

As you all know I attended the Texas Democratic Convention in San Antonio, TX, I had some good and interesting experiences. I can say that I have been officially selected to be an At - Large Delegate to the DNC in Philly from 7/24 to 7/29! The cost to attend the DNC is not very affordable due to strong the requirement that delegates to stay at an appointed hotel, and costs for a room start at $469 per night, plus tax and fees, with the hotel requiring a five night minimum. Staying at the appointed hotel guarantees getting past security and/or receiving credentials. I am asking for generous donations to help me attend the DNC and continue being part of the process to create change. Details about what I have and need are listed below this graphic which serves as verification that I am an official delegate.

Fundraising Goal: $4,000.00

$4,000 has been raised, with a remaining goal: $0

Here is what I already have covered:

  • Flights have been secured.
  • Hotel room from 7/24 to 7/29 at a cost of $489 + $76 tax = $565 per night ($2825 for five nights. Covered
  • Transit, food and convention related costs...

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