Saturday, September 12, 2015

#HERO: Meet The Opposition of Proposition 1 - Campaign For Houston

We have a slew of organizations and campaigns that support the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, well so do they. The Campaign For Houston is a PAC that was set up by many of those featured in this series and they already have ADs out on local radio:

Their WEBSITE is really simple, with very clear ANTI TRANSGENDER rhetoric:

On their ABOUT page:

They also have a TWITTER account which is pretty inactive, and a moderately active FACEBOOK. Do not take this group of people that I have been highlighting lightly, they are all interconnected and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to destroy local protections for the LGBT, especially the Trans community. We must work from our lanes of influence to deter the work of these bigots. We do not have much time to do what needs to be done leading up to November 3.

We have to be ONE collective voice and stand up for the TRANSGENDER community, in doing so we are saving all of Houston from discrimination. this is what they are saying about us:

"The ordinance gives new special privileges to two special interests, neither of which qualify as true “minorities” requiring special legal protection." We are not special interests, we are MINORITIES, we are not a new group and infact we are of different races and ethnicities. It is clear that they just want to discriminate against those who choose to live their truth.

"Mayor Parker’s ordinance is built on deception. It is not about protecting the rights of women, racial minorities, the disabled, elderly or military personnel. There are already important laws on the federal, state and local levels that protect such individuals from discrimination for employment, housing and access to public accommodations." While this may be true, who has the type of money it would take to go through all of the required processes in order to challenge discrimination? This ordinance would help with mediation and offset many costs.

"The ordinance’s naming of these groups is a ruse in an attempt to hide the ordinance’s real purpose, which is to make “sexual orientation” and “gender identification” two new protected classes."  There is no ruse, and you are right these are two classes that have NO protection on any level of government. ALL Houstonians deserve equal protection, THESE ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!


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