Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#HERO: Meet The Opposition of Proposition 1 - Ben Hall for Houston Mayor

previously spoke on about Ben Hall in my second post about the anti HERO that Dave Wilson was on before the Texas Supreme Court ruled that ordinance had to be on the ballot this November. Here is a little about what I said on the issue before I delve into the real post..."While I was in Phoenix, AZ it was reported by a couple of organizations HOUequality & Houston Stonewall Young Dems that none other than Ben Hall Signed the petitions that my last post talked about:"

"There's only one candidate in this race who has consistently for the last two years opposed HERO and supported the right of voters to vote," Hall said in a Fox 26 segment that aired Tuesday. "When the pastors wanted to fight in the court system, none of the other candidates was present. I was." - Chron.com July 30, 2015

Lets get to the real deal here, Ben Hall is running as a liberal Democrat in a non partisan municipal election, but being funded by the most conservative of political factions. I have always said that pastors, including Hall have let White men who don't even live in the City of Houston tell them what to do. Mr. Hall like many others have been bought by these White men who typically support initiatives that hurt the Black community at large, LGBT community, women and are waging a war on the movement for non discrimination. With supporters like Steve Hotze who said, “The homosexual political movement hates Ben Hall...I support Ben Hall. I’ve given him my endorsement, I’ve given him my money.” It becomes increasingly hard to believe that Ben Hall has true loyalty to the Black community.

"In staking out that position, Hall has endeared himself to some on the right, including local donor Steven Hotze, who publishes an influential Republican endorsement mailer. "Hall speaks his mind forthrightly with conviction," Hotze wrote Tuesday in an email sent out through his Conservative Republicans of Texas group. Campaign finance records show Hotze and his wife each contributed $5,000 to Hall's campaign, the maximum allowed in a city race." - Houston Chronicle

Then we have the conservative faith based endorsements which denotes the beating of the bible to justify bigotry towards the LGBT community which has Black, Hispanic, Latino, Asian and other ethnic groups in it. Hall recently earned the endorsement from The Confederation of Ministerios Cristianos which is a group of Hispanic religious leaders and represents 1400 churches in the City of Houston and more than 15,000 parishioners. The other endorsement came from the Baptist Ministers Association (the subject of the next post) which represents 350 mostly African-American churches. In response to these endorsements driven by his anti HERO stance, Hall stated “The faith communities all across Houston are joining my fight because we will put an end to the warfare waged by Houston City Hall on the pulpit”, says Hall. “But this is not just about my fight to stop the HERO ordinance. These religious leaders are on the front lines helping Houstonians battle crime and the lack of economic opportunities.” My thing is that if these religious leaders were in the business of  battling crime and increasing economic opportunity, why wait for Hall to run for mayor?

I am clearly for no one discriminating against anyone. And I have to immediately say this ordinance is not the way to do it...I’m concerned about being right. I’m concerned about being just. I’m concerned about being true and authentic.” - Ben Hall

Video courtesy of KTRK/ABC13 - Full Video Here

I reassert that,"Ben Hall you are a BIGOT and you need to come to terms with that and soon, these are not "false accusations" that we are aiming at you. You said, "I proudly signed the petition" which means that you are continuing the disproved and idiotic assertion that the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance allows a "male sexual predator to simply dress up as a woman to gain access to a woman’s restroom." You know that what you are saying is baseless and is a straight up lie used evoke an irrational fear of transgender Houstonians."

Houston Penal Code: Sec. 28-20. Entering restrooms of opposite sex.permanent link to this piece of contentIt shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly and intentionally enter any public restroom designated for the exclusive use of the sex opposite to such person's sex without the permission of the owner, tenant, manager, lessee or other person in charge of the premises, in a manner calculated to cause a disturbance. (Code 1968, § 28-42.6; Ord. No. 72-904, § 2, 6-2-72)

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance provides protections in employment (both public and private), housing and public accommodations for the following classes:

- sex                          - age                                         - disability
- race                         - familial status                        - sexual orientation
- color                        - marital status                         - genetic information
- ethnicity                  - military status                        - gender identity
- national origin         - religion                                  - pregnancy

I ask you to reconsider if you plan on voting for Ben Hall, He is not the right person to lead Houston...

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