Thursday, August 20, 2015

ITLQBM: Ashton Debates Kubosh on Isiah Factor UNCENSORED

Intersectionality Through the Lens of a Queer Black Man


Here are some things to note about Kubosh:
1. He refused to look at me
2. He refused to answer my points and questions
3. I spoke from multiple angles a out the 15 classes that #HERO protects
4. Messaging in favor of HERO has been white wash (intentional or unintentional) so far, and I gave it some color, race & ethnicity... will #HoustonUnites and #HouEquality use this gold mine.
5. Kobush got his ass handed to him so badly that I suspect that the segment was cut short.. #SHADE 2 me for being unapologetically Black and checking him on his privilege amongst other issues that could be noted..


I recorded it HERE..
For a better clip:

Today I will be on Fox 26 news at 9:30pm to discuss the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance with Isiah Carey during his "Isiah Factor Uncensored" segment. I will be accompanied in this discussion by HERO opponent and Houston City Council Member Michael Kubosh. You all know where I stand on this ordinance and how much I will do as an Independent Activist to protect rights for ALL Houstonians.

Here is some background on where Kubosh stands on HERO:

These are live tweets from Kris Banks as he attended an event with church full of haters who met just to talk bad about the LGBT, especially Trans community. The topic on the menu was HERO and Kubosh outright admits his being against the ordinance, which literally came right after he met with many members of the LGBT community! The audio from the meeting with the LGBT community can be found HERE.

Here is more from Texas Leftist:

"When one visits the website for Grace Community Church, a mega-church in Southeast Houston, it’s easy to form an initial impression that it is a community which is welcoming and loving to all. They proudly proclaim the slogan “Everybody needs a little grace!”

But those impressions couldn’t be further from the truth, as there is lots of ugliness going on within the walls of this congregation. Local political activist Kris Banks decided to attend a rally at Grace for those against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, and what he found there was pretty awful. Banks says many in the crowd openly laughed when transgender people were mentioned, and some even called the community an “abomination”.

Even after his 2 hour town hall with members of the LGBT community and supposed friendship with Jenifer Rene Pool, Council Member Michael Kubosh was at this rally clapping right along to the hate speech against the transgender community. Kubosh even says to the crowd that “God put him on Council to fight this ordinance.

Well clearly after statements like the one above, there’s no further mystery about how Kubosh plans to vote. On a personal note, I never voted for Kubosh or supported his campaign, but was willing to attend the town hall and hope that he would be open-minded on these issues. I was dead wrong."

Kubosh gave an interview to Breitbart Texas:

"The ordinance has been given the name H.E.R.O. (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance) but under the nice sounding name are issues like criminal penalties for employers and safety issues for women and children in bathrooms, public showers and dressing rooms. “This ordinance has kind of morphed,” Kubosh said. “It turned from what was initially called a human rights ordinance, to a civil rights ordinance, and now they’ve called it an equal rights ordinance.”
The concerns of the business community is that they want to criminalize people who discriminate against this class of people,” Kubosh explained. The ordinance, attached below, defines protected characteristics “as an individual’s sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity or pregnancy.
Kubosh expounded on the business communities objections stating, “They’ve added these other classes, of sexual identity and gender expression, and these things have confused the issue. The business community doesn’t want to be perceived as being in any way discriminating. But they [the backers of the ordinance] want to criminalize anyone who denies them service or feels like they may be discriminated [against] by any business.”  The ordinance will apply to employers of fifty or more employees.
In the following interview, Kubosh goes through a detailed explanation of the ordinance and why both individuals and businesses should be concerned about the direction Mayor Parker is taking the city with this ordinance."

If you need more on this hater, google him and who supports him and his views that clearly are only for SOME Houstonians and not ALL.

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