Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Black Lives Matter: A STATE OF EMERGENCY - 2

While I was in Waller County today with several friends who are also fellow members of a consortium called Truth 2 power we witnessed first hand how much hate they have for us.

On Monday, the usual crew who normally keep vigil Carie, Karisha, Hannah and others were harassed several times by Waller County's Sheriff. I will not be posting the videos of those incidents for several reasons that have pissed me off beyond repair. The first reason, is that the media picked up on this harassment issue and ran with it without illustrating the larger story which led to the events of yesterday and the results documented in the video above. As I outlined in part one of this series about what happened at the events that I took part in planning this past Sunday, the police agitated us to get a reaction, which led to the harassment on Monday and the subsequently barriers being built over night and then outlined (once again) in the video above. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM SURROUNDING THIS WHOLE ACTION IS THAT THE MEDIA DID NOT MAKE IT ABOUT SANDRA BLAND!!! 

The second reason is that in picking up the news about the interaction between Hannah and the Sheriff is that coverage of this movement became WHITEWASHED. As local, national and international news agencies picked up the story they focused on the White ally and not the larger issue of the criminalization of our Blackness and our lost sister Sandra Bland. When these agencies did cover the Black perspective they still painted us as "storming" and "attacking." I ask that White allies consider this in the future when these interactions pop up.

This is by no means an attack on Hannah, But allies need to center the focus of the movement for Sandra Bland on Black women PERIOD. I would demand that the news media reports on us respectfully and if not, that our community boycott the media and report the story ourselves. We need to CENTER BLACK WOMEN right now and that is where I will leave it.


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