Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Black Lives Matter: Sandra Bland & The Irony of Homophobia

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There are many times that I speak of homophobia in the Black community to the anger of many who look like me. The reason why, is because many don't want Blacks to get even more of a bad rap more than is already is thrown at us. They rebut with the response that White people are just as homophobic, but I KNOW THAT already. We should be able to talk about issues within our communities of orientation on a micro level if we are to demand respect from other communities. Many occurrences of anti-LGBT happen very close to home and from people who look like us, it is sad. It is saddening that I came across this video of Sandra Bland, using language and sharing feelings that I fight against on a regular basis:

Let me start by saying that her life still mattered and that I will continue to fight for the justice of those who look like me. However, this video is a strong reminder of how, we in the Black LGBT community are erased when we talk about discrimination and its effects on us. When she said who I am is a choice, it sent shock waves through my body, it HURT. I was never molested, or mistreated as a child, I KNEW who and what I liked very early on in life. The attraction to women was never strong for me and was very faint, so to say who I am is a choice is reflective of homophobia in the Black community. Reflective because it is seen as unnatural for someone to love the same sex or even be Transgender. WE ARE THE FIRST ONES TO MARCH AND SAY THE NAMES OF OUR FALLEN YET WE CAN'T BE BOTH BLACK AND GAY! We say their names, without worrying about how they may perpetuate the same type of hate that killed them.

In a recent blog post #ITLQBM - Blackness & Equality Under Attack I stated: "As a Black man I choose to be part of movements that impact all People of Color for the better and isn't it interesting that regardless of where I stand, I am under attack by the current power structure. In this case the power structure is clergy, government, law enforcement and at its foundation is homophobia, racism, prejudice and bigotry. In a previous post I said "...Honestly, the factors that I have just pointed out are a primer for the real discussion about being a “Black Queer Man.” Take all of those factors and apply which ever resonates to you individually now add to it being out and Gay. We still have to deal with those stigmas that our heterosexual counterparts have to deal with and then some. We are attacked by those who look like us for not cosigning what I described earlier as what it means to be a strong Black man, we are told that because of who we are that we do not exist. IN FACT, we do have the same issues and then we are treated as if we are no longer Black and are still niggers in the eyes of society on a systemic and structural level...There is an overriding theme that we are being attacked from all sides, do you see it?"

Regardless of this revelation, ALL Black Lives still matter and that means that I will still seek justice for Sandra. "We are all humans with major flaws. In this fight against police brutality, we must continue to learn to bind our hearts together. Bland’s words should fuse us more tightly together with the realization that we must stand for victims of police brutality no matter what they believe. That is the nature of love - Rev. Jeff Hood." That does not mean I will not stop fighting Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia! I will call it out when I see it, but the calling for the greater good pulls at me and this is a MAJOR opportunity to educate those who shared Sandy's mindset. Expect to hear me talk about the intersections of being Black and LGBT, and expect me to give ZERO FUCKS IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT.


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