Sunday, October 23, 2016

Two Weeks’ Notice

Two Weeks’ Notice

By WeirdG thaArtist (Graham Maio)

I’m putting in my two weeks’ notice from the LGBT community

Because when I was seeking my identity as a young boy and I typed in “What does it mean to be Black and Gay in Google, it came back and said “Did you mean: what does it mean to be Gay?”


The glossy pages of your gay magazines feature young white men with six packs and muscle.  That’s not me.

While you celebrate marriage equality and get the full benefits and healthcare package of white privilege I’m walking out of the courthouse with my new husband when we’re both shot down in the street by a cop.

And you will probably say, “Those THUGS deserved to die!”

You call me your gay brother yet when I walk towards you on the street you release your partner’s hand in fear.

Why?  Because according to you Black people are the most homophobic beings on this planet.  You say that with no proof of evidence.

Yet we do know that the party which writes all the anti-LGBT bills is made up of members who share your skin tone and not mine.

I have one week remaining...

And on the rare occasion that I’m accepted into your exclusive circles I’m expected to leave the Black part of me at the door so you can feel comfortable.

Yet when I try to connect to you as a fellow LGBT member you are condescending and dismissive.

I am tired of constantly having to prove myself more as a person rather than your chocolate fantasy.

That’s why I allow the air between us to grow stale...

One more day.

I am not attractive to you as your Grindr profile indicates when you say “No chicken.”

However, when you are looking for that Big Black Cock I’m “cute for a Black guy.”

You segregate me at the clubs with “Hip-hop Night” or “Urban night” and the bartenders lace my drinks with racial slurs.

So I’m signing off from the LGBT GLBT however the fuck you want to say it community...

I am not gay; I am Black and Queer!

And goddammit I am HERE!

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