Saturday, February 6, 2016

Seven Words: A Tribute to Jordan Baker


Burnell McCray 
Last night during an installation of the HERstory series, Janet Baker honored us by breaking her silence and telling her account on the events surrounding the loss of her beloved son. You see, she is the mother of Jordan Baker, a young Black man  who had his life tragically  cut short by HPD officer Juventino Castro. When Janet spoke about her fight to attain justice for Jordan against the brick wall of a broken criminal justice system, the emotional, physical & financial toll, it saddened me and encouraged me at the same time.

As an Atheist I am still a Black man and I recognize that my Blackness, our Blackness is intersectional. I may not believe in a God, but that does not stop me from standing in solidarity with and for those who seek justice in an unjust society.

Janet, during her moments of grief and happiness told us her story, a mother's story about her son Jordan, there was a moment in which her face lit up. In that moment she spoke about the prayers with her dad one at 7a or at 7p, with seven words and repeated 7 times. In that moment I saw her eyes glow about the good memories of her time with her son and how it also left a void, not only for her, but the entire family including little Jordan.

While I may not pray and may even be swamped at different points in time, saying seven words for Jordan seems like a great thing to do. I speak in tribute of Jordan Baker and his family seven words that helped me and I encourage you to think of seven words as well.

* Strength * Resilience * Love * Vibrance * Humility * Patience * Teach

Yes #BlackLivesMatter and so does the ability to be a community, I stand with you Janet Baker, I love your strength, resolve and wisdom. Special shout out to Alibi X Nation and my fellow Avengers from Truth2Power for last night Andrea, Biko, Brandi, Secunda & Stevens.

credit: Lanecia Rouse-Tinsley

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