Thursday, June 25, 2015

#Not1More - Obama Interrupted

The heckle heard round the world took place at during the White House pride celebration when Jennicet Gutiérrez interrupted the President during his speech. While it was not the venue, in my opinion for her to do it, when else would she have been able to do it? She had a valid reason to have the passion to express her frustration:

“President Obama, release all LGBTQ immigrants from detention,” - “I am tired of the violence we’re facing,”

It was played out in the media as if she was some evil person, and she is not! Here is why she did it:

"As a transgender woman who is undocumented, Gutiérrez said she could not celebrate while some 75 transgender detainees were still being exposed to assault and abuse in ICE custody at this very moment.
“The White House gets to make the decision whether it keeps us safe, “explains Gutiérrez “There is no pride in how LGBTQ and transgender immigrants are treated in this country. If the President wants to celebrate with us, he should release the LGBTQ immigrants locked up in detention centers immediately.”
Gutiérrez came to the US from Mexico, seeking safety and economic opportunity. Gutiérrez has become one of many voices advocating for LGBTQ immigrants: upon arrival, she found community among other transgender immigrants, many of whom had been detained in ICE custody. Gutiérrez was a founding member of FAMILIA TQLM, established to advocate for LGBTQ immigrants often excluded in the immigration debate. The work of the organizations she represents, Familia QTLM and GetEQUAL, was echoed yesterday when 35 Congresspeople signed a letter sent to ICE demanding the agency release LGBTQ immigrants out of concern for their safety.
" -

I have a few problems with the reaction from the President and the attendees that for their respective reactions to Gutiérrez. I again state that, yes it may have been the wrong venue, but this reaction from the POTUS and how the media portrayed it is very problematic. Not that his reaction was unwarranted, he may need to re - examine his reaction and reach out to her. I mean this whole scene was crazy, it was a sea of White people, a lot of men and specks of Black folks. It was truly representative of what People of Color have been saying all along: it is dominated by White men with money and access.

I mean LOOK at this mess!!! WTF

I mean it was the epitome of male, masculine, patriarchal, White & cis privilege wrapped up in a Transphobic bow for your viewing disgust. THIS MUST CHANGE, Trans lives matter and they should matter to everyone!

POTUS reaction:

Here is the POV of what was actually said to the President:

My message to people who may read this blog post is that you should dig a little deeper before haphazardly posting a hateful Facebook status....Trans lives matter!

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