Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dear Becky, You Ain't Entitled To Our Black Bodies

Becky - A White person, one who typically think that they own the world and everything in it. European descent, off spring of colonizers and enslavers, beneficiaries to the system of White supremacy

Recently, Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham caused a stir when they spoke about their experience or lack thereof at the Met Ball while seated with Odell Beckham:

I kept my mouth shut to see how far this would go, but in epic fashion I grew more pissed with
Dunham. I am pissed because she was the typical white woman in that moment, one who accuses black man of making her feel less than. Less than, as in "Black man, you are my property and you should find me attractive." I wonder why she didn't just yell rape to cover up her perceived feelings of rejection. Had she said this fifty years ago Beckham would be lynched, her statement feeds into an age old stereotype that Black men are lazy and hypersexual. That we are out to take and rape their White women. She issued this tepid apology to Beckham via Instagram:

"After Reconstruction, whites conflated black men’s desires for white women with their desire for political rights as men, thus creating the rape myth. By the twentieth century, the rape myth was at its height, and it structured most white southerners’ beliefs about the consequences of allowing interaction between white women and black men. The rhetoric about black men’s propensity to rape and the corresponding need for white men to protect white women flourished both in debates about black men’s civil and political rights and in discussions about new freedoms and opportunities for white women. The rape myth thus enforced white women’s subordination to white men and the social, economic, and political power of whites over blacks."

Odell Beckham may accept your apology, but I don't. Your feelings as valid as they are about feeling less than in this apology, does not justify the comments. You made this about you, this wasn't a real apology in my mind. Regardless of how special you want to feel, you don't have a right to criminalize someone who gave you no physical or visual indication that he thought you were an "it." Now Amy, let's talk...

Then to make things worse Amy Schumer, you go and tweet this...

It is interesting that you responded to a tweet with some racist ass stereotypical phrasing. 

"How would you know? Statistically who is hollerin' at you in the street more, pa?

Did your manager make you delete the anti Black tweet? According to Mic.com, you removed it after getting "one retweet and two likes..." You have shown us your true colors, yet again. It's no secret that you made rape jokes about Latinos and etc. The only reason you both have a career is for one reason only: YOU are white!

The truth is that, even though I am a gay man, I have this same experience around white gay men who wish to fetishize us and then criminalize us for not accepting advances. You think you can all just do and say what you want because your white privilege taught you that lie. This is deeper than your experiences at the Met, your white tongue has more power and can be a dangerous tool. We are not your toys, property and we ain't trying to be your fetish either.

No thanks,


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