Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#RealTalk: JadaMercedes Cardona On Health Disparities In The Trans Community ‪#‎TransNeeds‬

Am I EVER going to be good enough to be respected by the very people who service me? Right now I feel so betrayed by all of my medical providers.... I'm saddened because I have been LOYAL to you my whole life. Where is the loyalty??? To my followers, hold on tight because you have only heard the great moves that I have been making on a NATIONAL stage.... OH BUT HERE IN MY COMMUNITY I have recently been denied the dignity of a positive point of contact during a
pressing need from my clinic of over 15 years; I was stripped of my respect by a doctor I visited recently at a local urologist's office (which was hand picked by my clinic); and finally, made to feel ashamed of being myself. I'm sorry but things are not as wonderful as it seems.

"I am so upset I'm sick of living like this why can't I get access to quality healthcare?!"

The access to health care that I have been promised seems to fade away with every day that I still have to urinate blood (its been over 2 years), for every time someone has told me that they are trans-friendly but the reality is total and non-cohesive people whose attitudes will not change without an intervention. HERE IS WHERE ITS GOING TO GET HAIRY!!! I am not got going to stand by idly while myself and all of my trans-sister's health are not being attended to. I was told in the halls of the White House that specific standards of health have been adopted FEDERALLY, but at home in the SOUTH it is the same story.

NO, NOT TODAY!! From here on out I'm am ringing a bell! I am sounding the alarm and will be not only fighting for quality healthcare, but rather AN ATTEMPT TO SAVE MY OWN LIFE! The truth is I have tried to cry but I just can't and I'm sitting at my desk feeling the dark despair of a lonely heart reaching out...... Is anyone even listening.... Hopefully I at least reach the ones that I tagged as you all have told me to my face that you care about me and my future....

‪#‎TransNeeds‬ ‪#‎TranZ‬ ‪#‎transphobia‬


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