Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#ITLQBM Guest Post: George M Johnson On Erasure & Historical Intersectionality

Intersectionality Through the Lens of a Queer Black Man

I often see these meme's of "we were kings" or "queens" or relating that we derived from royalty. And yes, SOME of us may have but why does black history have to be this all or nothing doctrine with complete removal of intersectionality and full insertion of respectability politics.

By this I am saying that we didn't start at slavery, but all of us aren't derived from royalty either. Some of us lineage will start from being slaves, or kings, or share croppers, or shepherds, or blacksmiths, or Egyptians or Mesapotamians or a plethera of other things.

All this to say, we need a full appreciation of what our history is. Erasure of where some of us derived is just as bad as white washing it or starting our history at slavery.

In remembering that ‪#‎allblacklivesmatter‬, we must know that a slave has just as much value as a king. It doesn't matter where we start, its all about where we finish.

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