Thursday, October 15, 2015


The ordinance gives new special privileges to two special interests, neither of which qualify as true “minorities” requiring special legal protection." We are not special interests, we are MINORITIES, we are not a new group and in fact we are of different races and ethnicities. It is clear that they just want to discriminate against those who choose to live their truth.

"Mayor Parker’s ordinance is built on deception. It is not about protecting the rights of women, racial minorities, the disabled, elderly or military personnel. There are already important laws on the federal, state and local levels that protect such individuals from discrimination for employment, housing and access to public accommodations." While this may be true, who has the type of money it would take to go through all of the required processes in order to challenge discrimination? This ordinance would help with mediation and offset many costs.

"The ordinance’s naming of these groups is a ruse in an attempt to hide the ordinance’s real purpose, which is to make “sexual orientation” and “gender identification” two new protected classes."  There is no ruse, and you are right these are two classes that have NO protection on any level of government. ALL Houstonians deserve equal protection, THESE ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!


This is what Mayoral candidate Ben Hall
and his friends at the Campaign for Houston are saying about Mayor Parker and us. We are in a state of war and we are not fighting back like we should to secure rights for ourselves! Yesterday, we found out that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick bought TV airtime for the opposition, which I suspect contributed to the ads the opposition clogged the airwaves with. One of those ads full of false claims aimed at scaring people into voting against Proposition 1 was produced by Hall. He is attacking the Trans community and claiming it is protect women's privacy and young girls from rape. He claims in the video that we are registered sex offenders, that we are pedophiles and that the ordinance poses an imminent threat.

Here is the REAL threat, people like Hall and his hater friends who want to impose biblical principles on human beings just trying to live their lives and love who they love. This is the hate that perpetuates and incites violence on the LGBT community, especially the Trans Community of Color (specifically Black). Across this country there have been, at last count 20 murders and I suspect that this was caused by folks who were emboldened by the language and rhetoric above. It is sad that these people (many of the) are Black and refuse to understand that we exist and are Black too. They do not care that they are alienating and hurting the very people they claim to protect. This whole situation is shrouded in patriarchy, sexism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Biphobia and depending on the character, racist. We need a HERO, a recourse to fight people like them and they are fighting tooth and nail to be able to discriminate. 

We can no longer wait for the weak campaign that Houston Unites is putting on against these haters, we have to stick up for ourselves as Black LGBT folks. Bless their hearts, they wouldn't know the first thing about being in the hood talking to US nor are they calling us at these phone banks. This is not a slight toward Houston Unites and we must defend ourselves from the parts of our own Black community who seek to ignore our existence. We must make them acknowledge and respect us for our existence, contributions and even the fact that some of us have the same blood running through our veins. The time now, to change the tide, not just for HERO, but for a community to actually be a community. What about being gentrified, what about our schools, what about the REAL issues instead of focusing hate toward us who deserve an level playing field?

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