Thursday, July 16, 2015


After the Black Caucus, I went to the Equality Action Caucus where activists and leaders of the broad based equality to discuss key priorities and connect with allies. We attempted talk about the progress and future directions of the equality. The central question of the event was "where do we go from here?" When I got a chance to speak from a place of Blackness, support of the Transgender community and other marginalized groups within the SGL/LGBT community. I gave a disclaimer because of a gut feeling that I had, that my comments would come off  as angry and abrasive. I stated that I had three points that would point out problematic language, Trans erasure and Black erasure. I was interrupted several times by a White guy who happened to one one the moderators. I kept to my principles and made my points all while telling him to check his privileges and to stop interrupting me. This caused a very strong reaction from other people in attendance in my favor, OF ALL RACES. They even called him out on it and how he was making the space hostile and unwelcoming to folks of color and allies. Many people including myself left afterwards and it was very interesting and crazy how it all happened! Next year look for me to submit a proposal to these conferences to create Trans inclusive, safe for Blackness, SGL_LGBT spaces!

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