Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stay In Your Lane: Vol 3

Previously on Stay In Your Lane:

"THINK before you speak about me and note to yourself that a part time job would prolong my tenure in school. Moreover, you are doing this in veiled criticism of my advocacy or activism because I am not buying into the bullshit mantra of RESPECTABILITY POLITICS."

In this edition we will be discussing my VETERAN STATUS, which for some reason has been the source of fodder within the ranks of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. There are a couple of sources who came to me telling me that someone had been digging into my military history and could not find any information on me. This person happens to be the treasurer of the Caucus and has oddly at times tried to hold conversations with me about other members of the Caucus. 

In organizations like this, I hold a high regard for the work that is done to elect the right candidates in Houston, Texas, and nationally. What I do not have a high regard for is a person or people who will try to find any dirt on me possible that could discredit or diminish the work that I actually do and love doing. This EGREGIOUS action to question the fact of whether or not I was in the military is HURTFUL and DISAPPOINTING. I am not even running for open public office!!!! I am going to give a VERY SMALL cliff notes version of what my role was in the military:

On 9/11/01 we were attacked by terrorists, I watched in horror on the television in class...

- One month before I turned 17 years old I convinced my mother to allow me to enlist into the Army Reserves.

- I then commenced participating in reserve drill until completion of high school, and was scheduled to enter Basic Combat Training (BCT) immediately after.

- I witnessed homophobia, which led me to discharge under a Chapter 15 separation in violation protest of Don't Ask, Don't tell.


I am not going to say more than what I have already stated about this issue and at this point the person who decided to go through all of these lengths to dig up information on me is nasty and rude.


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